The Z Round Table Podcast: 2022 Hit Songs Review & Artiste Controversies

As promised, “The Z Round Table Podcast” presents its second episode, in which we will focus on songs that rocked our world, broke barriers, gave us goosebumps, and hit our soft spots when they were released. Songs that dominated the Nigerian airwaves, songs that you couldn’t help but hear in a day even against your will.

In this episode we will also be covering all the feuds and bants that occurred between artists, I’m sure some names are already popping up In your head.

Featuring on the second edition of “The Z Round Table” are Don Femi King popularly known as ‘The Radio Godfather’, a renowned OAP. Ikon, an entertainment and lifestyle executive. Manni, a photographer, music enthusiast and farmer. Debola, a talent manager, A&R personnel and music journalist. DJ Pepper, a DJ and entertainment entrepreneur. And Sturaro, a music enthusiast and a music journalist.



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