Tito Da.fire - Abibeji


The vibrant Afro-fusion Singer, Tito Da.Fire, releases Abibeji“, his thumping new track that reveals his love penchant. Abibeji was produced by Sharnor, when translated means “my girl would give birth to a set of twins” is Tito Da.Fire’s first single for 2022 following his 2021 “Kokoro” single. It reverberates as a romance and wedding favorite that evokes a nostalgia synonymous with weddings. Download/stream “Abibeji” HERE.

The track boasts of melodious and relatable lyrics that show Tito Da.Fire’s sincerity as evidenced in  “I’ve found myself a Treasure, I’ve found my World, Found the woman weh go truly complete me, I tire sing love songs but you give me new reason, Your love e day make me to release this…Put the ring right on your finger (forever)…Baby Abibeji B’Oluwa Ba fe, Iyawo Abibeji B’Oluwa Ba fe”.

It switches seamlessly between English, Pidgin, and Efik hooks with a strong percussive dance rhythm reminiscent of agelong homegrown vibes. The track re-echos Tito Da.Fire’s impressive musical prowess which glows with each new record, as it did on his previous single August 2021 Kokoro


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