Fastrising Nigerian music artiste Segxzy meets the media as he leads the public into his life, education, family, career and music; he further seized and used the medium to discuss on the idea behind his recent single Now Na Morning plus how he combines his double degree and music, enjoy the full interview.


Q - Tell us about yourself?

SEGXZY - I am Segun Ola-Fadunsin, popularly known as Segxzy. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering Auchi Polytechnic (HND) and University of Portharcourt (B.Eng), third child from our mother. Am also fortunate to be the CEO of Segz Records.

Q - Tell us about your recent single and the acceptance so far from fans?

SEGXZY - My recent single is titled "Now Na Morning" which I featured Godrik is an Amapiano style, NowNaMorning means a whole lot. It’s a message to encourage everyone that in what ever situation you see yourself don’t give up but rather see it as the beginning of the day as the day starts with strength. It means so much and will take the whole day if I continue just on this, Now Na Morning is basically your own definition for most situations you find yourself in, So far, my fans have been positively encouraging with their incredible response to this single.

Q - Who wrote Now Na Morning and what inspired the song?

SEGXZY - Yes I did and the Inspiration actually metamorphosised from the challenges I have faced in life which in turn made me stronger by the day.

Q - Tell us about your past works?

SEGXZY- Waoh!!! Omo where do I start?

To cut it short, I have worked as a  mechanic in a construction company (Setraco), a Teacher at Institute of Management Technology (I.M.T) during my service years, went back working as a mechanic and then worked in Seismic industry for about 10years before I got a lay off. Now am back with Seismic, I also a couple of other Business and lots more, let me also add that I am also a Sailor.

Q - How has music affected your life? 

SEGXZY - A whole lot. Music had made me open to the challenges of life and had build me positively, overtime it has proved the beauty of life through rhythm and sounds.

Q - When did your start your music professionally? 

SEGXZY - My career kick started on February 2019 after I crashed on a 1200cc power bike. I call this a miracle to have been alive and fully healed in a space of 7days, was actually a gory experience which in turn inspired me to releash my tales using Rhythm and sounds 

Q - What were the challenges you experienced in the beginning of your career?

SEGXZY - Lol. Mainly insincerity, selfishness and the likes, though this have turned out positively.

I still remember a day I met with a DJ to help put my song in his mix-tape…. he was arrogantly  proud and demanding but a guy I never knew observed all that ensued on that very day in this particular hotel where the meeting held. He called me out and said, Man I might not know you but get this straight …You don’t need to be fooled by anybody.. Just allow that guy go. I Dey tell you something, You Can Do It. That was his exact words and this words changed a whole lot.

Q - How do you gain your inspiration?

SEGXZY - It is highly unpredictable, most times from deep thinking, funny enough Now Na Morning was born right while on transit enroute Nigeria from the United Kingdom

This and more are my forms of getting inspired but above all, God remains the greatest creator through which my contents are created.

Q - Describe your type of music style?

SEGXZY - Waoh… if u look into my works properly you will notice it’s different. I don’t believe so much in a particular style of music. My aim is to pass a message across, so when people ask for the style, I simply say... GOOD MUSIC.

Q - How have you been able to combine music and your professional career

SEGXZY - I really believe in this saying that it is not a place that makes you comfortable but you that makes a place comfortable for yourself, In that sense I have been coping ok. I love my profession and am happy it’s not stopping me from my music career or experimenting ideas.

Q - Did you ever imagined or foresaw the impact of your current single?

SEGXZY - Truth being told…No, My aim was just to pass the message. I thank my producer (Godrik) for producing the beat in no delays cos after listening to the beat, I just voiced NowNaMorning 

Q - What period can you recall to be the major period in your career as a Label owner and the challenges you faced while starting up?

SEGXZY - Challenges in life is constant and it makes you stronger by the day… I see them as upliftment, I don’t count on it.

Q - How do you cope with friends and family amidst your daily tasks and career?

SEGXZY - Not an issue. DeyUrDey things, If you want to be happy, you need to make others happy too. It’s fun and I love bringing everyone together. No stress

Q - Tell us about your family

SEGXZY - Am from a good Christain family but I don’t frequent in church, I believe Christianity’s in the heart, my father as a disciplined military officer with siblings of both boys and girls now men and women doing marvelous in their choosen careers with thick love that spreads accross.

Q - How do you feel when different individuals sing your songs as well as bagging the status of heading one of the biggest record label in Port Harcourt

SEGXZY - I do not feel being the head, everyone is the head in his or her own ways. We are all heads and its always a dewire to see things go smoothly. All in my thoughts is God above all. I have a single title LIFE on it is this line that goes as thus: Either be a WINNER or you be a LOOSER, if you WIN Na your luck, If you LOOSE, you try again. 

Q - What is your selling point in your career?

SEGXZY - Mmmm, Can't really say but one thing stands out...My Vibe

Q - Do you have any influence or role models in the industry?

SEGXZY - I like to keep that to myself for the now, cos NowNaMorning 

Q - Aside from showbiz what other things do you?

SEGXZY - Like I said I practice my profession and also into business under the name Segz & Co limited.

Q - What is the positive context or message in your music?

SEGXZY - my music always have a message to pass across to my fan, taking (Now Na Morning) for example: apart from not giving up to the challenges of life, I have tried to pass a message for us to be satisfied with what we do and not being jealous of others (Dey Ur Dey!)

Q - Who are the top artistes you desired to work with and why

SEGXZY - I have got no sentiments. I go with the flow till the time is near, everyone individually is on top... NowNaMorning!!!

Q - With stiff competition in Music Industry, how have you been able to maintain your brand?

SEGXZY - It’s been challenging though, give all Kudos to my team on this. From the Manager down to the cleaners. It has been all hands on deck. Together we stay strong.

Q - You took a break from the music scene, what led to this decision and how do you intend to catch up with the moments of your absence?

SEGXZY - I don’t call it break. It’s part of my style. We all have our own ways of doing things.

Q - Is there an upcoming project your fans should expect from you soon? If there is, can you tell us about it?

SEGXZY - Yes… So much from Segz records. Am not so much in ladies on my music, I think the next is going be the opposite. Please don’t get me wrong here!!!!

Q - What's your final word to your fans?

SEGXZY - In all you do, think first. Are you in or out and if you're in, give it your all, above all, Never settle for less and dont ever give up on a journey that has been embarked on, it might be late but you will definitely get there someday. Above all I thank all my fans for being there with their countless supports. Remember say when you KnowTheColour you go know say NowNaMorning… I love you all

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