Cmomo Set To Drop A New Single


The award-winning supper star has been touring the African continent and the world at large before the global pandemic hit planet earth.

He however decided to look into ways in which he can help displaced people and people who lost loved ones. He ventured into charity works serving humanity.

When asked by We Are 60minstv why he has been away from tv screens and only seen at closed doors performances, clubs, and indoor shows with his energetic performances, he said he realized that life has really gotten short, and seeing people die around the world hits him different.

Hence his reason why he decided to focus on charity and doing shows activities was to keep consistency as there is hope on Covid-19 on being a thing of history so dishing out activities content to keep consistency is a thing of must.

Keeping my recorded tracks aside and focusing more on helping the needy was not a thing of option but still not an easy decision to make but sometimes in life, you need to do what is needed and not what is right.

Showing off my efforts in supporting the community I stay and all is not my thing and this is why you won’t see me taking pictures in orphanage homes, schools, community and religious gatherings that need supports, I mean if you have to do it, but for love and not for clout or notice me.

He further went into details on what motivated his new single Bio bio (Flex),

The song Bio Bio (flex) was inspired by the pandemic, I got motivated penning down this song a few days after my visits from some charity works, thinking about times I have spent away from families and friends and not even having the time to sip a shot of gin or glass of Hennessey to me its crazy when we have humans put in so much energy trying to archive success and fear of enjoying it tends to take over us because apparently we don’t want to go broke again and at the same time we still want to keep up so we ball-less and work more amidst all these we still have someone at the corner waiting for downfall or just hating for no purpose and wants to start a fire where there is no cold, I think people should work hard and make Merry without having issues with other people.

I think it is very important to spread love, make money, enjoy it because we all know life is YOLO when you are gone you are gone.

Bio Bio (flex) is a pure high-life genre of music with Afro-fusion.

You can hear and feel the lead guitar complementing the bass guitar and some percussions on the low, trust me this song is what you need on your playlist no cap.

It is a very classic song and it drops on the 20th of September with a follow-up video shot in Los Angeles California.



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