Governor Yahaya Bello Political brilliancy and achievements During his governorship tenureship is why many await his declaration


There are lots of leaders who understand Nigeria's problems however with the theoretical solutions. Very few have the guts to push it through. GYB has shown toughness in leadership towards meeting critical and basic needs like electricity, Good roads, Agriculture, Security, Education, Good health sector among others during his first and current tenure as Kogi State Governor.

It is clearly known that Nigeria is confronted with a hydra-headed monster of insecurity, economic downturn, unemployment and various agitations at different levels but the latter-day critics chose to sermonize a needless poll, turning blind eyes to the real issues facing Nigerians. 

Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello in his First Tenure as Governor has ensured that kogites interests are paramount so if he has the capability of achieving so much in the state level then his political brilliancy and idea would do more at the federal level

Governor Yahaya Bello is Youthful, Useful, Purposeful, Enigmatic, Resourceful, Proactive, Progressive, Dogged & Pragmatic.

Here are some images which show his achievements so far as the Governor of Kogi State.


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