DJ Conxerto on the rise to become one of the big names in Disc Jockey


Olanrewaju Ridwan Olapade a.k.a Dj Conxerto is an outgoing individual that enjoys, traveling, a vast music lover, cooking and meeting like-minded people and disliking dishonesty and laziness.

Hard work and consistency are what have made him come this far. It has also made him very good and prominent at what he does, and above all, it’s the love and passion he has for music, that makes him always willing to do more and stuff that makes good music. The life they say is not a bed of roses is what he can say right now because he experienced life from both angles of life, and this has helped him arrange his mental, physical and emotional perspective of life. His experience also in the boarding school has helped him build the ability and capability to live or co-exist and also independent.


Speaking about working with his team and more he says, “What I value most in the company I work for is their willingness and ability to move my DJ career to a greater place for me and I believe that they have my best interest at heart. As we know, everybody needs money so the core value after money is to expand and showcase my talent as a young and vibrant artist in the entertainment industry.”

He is currently signed as a luxury lifestyle DJ for Slippery Entertainment and the fact that he has a family that believes in him and looks up to him as well as one of the reasons that have brought him to this current stage.

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