[Biography] About Music Artist - "Mishkid"


[Biography] About Music Artist - "Mishkid"

Meshael Felix (born October 21 1998) known professionally as Mishkid is a singer, songwriter, record producer, ghost writer and an extraordinary artist. He was born into the family of four (4) children, (3 boys and a girl), unfortunately the only girl among them who was the last child died when she was 2years old. So this automatically makes Mishkid the last child of his parents. He started his music career in a church in Ikorodu called “Assembly of God Church” where he sang and played drums.



Mishkid was born in Barriga Lagos state, during his time in Nigeria, he lived in Barriga, Ikorodu, Agbor, Igbodo and Enugu, he never lived so much with his parents, he doesn’t know much about his dad who died when he was too young, but his mum was the best thing he could ask for, his mum was a Teacher.



Mishkid started writing songs at the age of 13 and had sold a total of 35 songs across Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uk, Jamaica, Germany, India, Italy, Canada, and France. He decided to drop out of school after his high school to pursue his musical ambitions despite so many ups ‘n’ down faced by this young talented song writer, he then decided to go to a music school where he did Audio Engineering and took vocal classes.

It is no longer a news that the intellectual song writer and singer ‘Mishkid’ might drop the most important afrobeatz album of all time in 2022. The young star didn’t only pursue his musical career but also works 8hours jobs in a Logistic Company in Germany where he is currently a Logistic Specialist. His hard work rate is something else, as this song guru has raised many questions among people about his life, some says he is an introvert because of his quiet, gentle and intelligent behaviors. You might slightly misunderstand him because of his value of time and willingness to achieve his dreams.

Generally Mishkid has very understandable and reasonable personality, it is very hard to see any young kid so humble with so much potential in him.



Mishkid’s vocal delivery, varied as it may be, breathes life and emotion into his records, he sings, rap, mix, write songs and masters most of his sounds regardless of the genre he finds himself making, whether it’s a dance-ready number or a Hip-Hop. Mishkid makes Afro-fusion type of music, he has the ability to deal  with different sounds, he delivers Afrobeatz, Afro Pop, Afro Dancehall, Afro Highlife, Afro Raggea, and Afro Hip-Hop into Special sound called Afro-fusion. Mishkid plays drums and currently learning Piano.



Mishkid dropped some songs when he was in school and some of his work goes thus; like “EJIRO” “LET ME REIGN” “BABYLONIAN SOLDIER” and these songs cut the attention of a lot of people especially Africans.

The Young music enthusiast is currently recording an Album that might be remembered for a long time in Afrobeat history.



Mac-Gifted primary school

Daubeney primary school

Ogbemudein High School

Comprehensive High school

Marie-Eliser Kayser Schule

Musik Academy Erfurt

Tonformer Studio



Mishkid is single, not married, don’t have a child, not engaged yet. He said he is afraid to love, when asked why? He said “Love hurts” hopefully in the future he might be in love with a girl but for now, he is 100% concentrated on his musical career.



Mishkid is a Traveller and has lived and visited different countries including Nigeria, Uk, South Africa, India, France, Ghana, Malaysia, Libya, Italy, and Germany where he currently resides at about a decade now.



Mishkid has gotten awards in his primary and secondary schools days and most of his awards are during math and English competitions in his school.



The young star Mishkid speaks fluent English, which was his first language, he also speaks Deutsch, Yoruba, Igbo and a little understanding of Arabic 


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