Festus Mansaray: The man behind Pantum Groups and a sponsor of QPR



Mr. Festus Mansaray is a former aspiring footballer and a talented footballer who once played and had trials for prominent UK-based clubs such as Watford Football Club academy, Leicester city football club academy and also for Hendon Football Club 1st team in England and also played in the FA Cup for Hendon Football club. He also had trials and played in Holland for Ado Den Haag football club.


Growing up

Festus Mansaray, a go-getter, was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in Sierra Leone and in The Gambia.

Growing up in Sierra Leone, he would later leave for The Gambia due to the war in Sierra Leone as at the time.



Football has always been his passion and his football talent was noticed by a lot of great people.

On his arrival in the UK in 2004 at age 14, his football talent was noticed by his friends, teachers and his mentor, Mr. Marlon Robinson who was his school teacher and coach during his schooling days.

Mr Marlon Robinson indeed played a huge role in shaping his footballing career and also development. Both of them are till date, still close to each other, as Mr. Festus Mansaray is of the school of thought that learning never ends and as such it is a continuous process. Indeed, Mr. Festus Mansaray seeing far more than his contemporaries is because he is standing on the shoulder of giants, one of which is Mr Marlon Robinson, his great mentor who inspired him and keeps inspiring him to keep taking the world by the storm.


Health challenge

Sadly, Mr. Festus Mansaray’s football career was cut short due to heart problems and injuries, so he had to focus on his business career.

Before his journey in the business world, he worked as a Maths teacher and also as a real estate agent.




Currently, Mr. Festus Mansaray is the Founder and CEO of Pantum Groups Ltd which is a privately owned company in England.

Pantum Groups Ltd is a conglomerate company that provides services in the UK and internationally in the areas of Sports of Real Estate, Interior Design, Sports & Concierge which Mr. Festus Mansaray runs with his Executive Director, Mr. Jefferson Ocran.



Football sponsorship, agency and authorships

Mr. Festus Mansaray is a proud sponsor of QPR Football Club.

He is also a football agent and an author. His books can be found on Amazon and other online book stores worldwide, namely: “A Heart of a Warrior” and “Happy Ending Stories”.

He also owns a small football club and charity in his country home, Sierra Leone.

Mr. Festus Mansaray’s future goal is to stay top in property development and other business ventures.

To know more about his company, Pantum Groups, visit www.pantumgroups.com.

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