I am sharing 'I Am Luddy Dave'


My name is David Lucky Oguns, also known as LuddyDave. I am a recording artiste, singer, songwriter, and performer currently signed to Top Rock Entertainment.

Although I do contemporary African music, I appreciate all forms of music. My music style is unique as it is a mix of several Afro genres,

Afrohybrid is a music genre that feeds the body, soul and mind. Through my music, I share messages with spiritual, emotional and serious meanings although in a subtle way. To me, music is more than just a hobby, it is life.

My music journey started when I was still a child growing up on the streets of the ancient city of warriors, Ibadan. At the age of nine, I joined the choir of my local church and grew to become its lead singer. The experience helped to hone my music talent and led me on a quest for more.
As a member of the choir, I wrote soul touching songs based on events around me. I drew inspiration from established acts like PlantashunBoys, Styl Plus, R.Kelly, Mary J. Blige and several other great musicians. This experience made me realize that I could pursue music as a career and also shaped me as a person

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With a determination to make music my purpose in life, I left Nigeria for South Africa. Adapting to life in a new country was far from easy, but I found refuge still in music. I quickly set about my passion, and in no time, I started gaining peoples attention. I soon became a local favorite and was rewarded with several invitational performances in clubs across Pretoria, Johannesburg and Soweto.

This was in addition to regular gigs at the Royal Hotel in Johannesburg. After several years of playing music in South Africa, I realized that you cannot give away, without giving home first. This informed my decision to return to Nigeria and sign with a new record label and 4am management company to help actualize my dream.

Fans can expect thrilling, consistent and evergreen Afrohybrid vibes in my music.

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