The Journey From Rock Music To Afro Beat


Malibu based Nigerian born Rock artist Teshi has embarked on a new Afrobeat project. And is on a mission to drop his first ever Afrocentric tunes.

The multi-talented superstar is transitioning from Rock n Roll music to Afrobeat music as inspired by the great afrobeat originators like Fela kuti, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey , Osadebey, Oliver de Coque, Miriam Makeba, Osibisa just to name a few.

Teshi was born in West Africa Nigeria before moving to the United State, he has since lived in United State for over 30 years doing rock music.

The Nigerian born artist is one of the top notch rock music artists in Malibu California, and uses his music as a vehicle to inspire change and to make the world a better place for all

By Transitioning from Rock music to Afrobeat Teshi will be able to reach and to inspire a large heterogenous community of listeners in the Afro beat genre
Giving a voice to Africans through his music has always been one of Teshi’s main goals as a artist.

Teshi is currently in the studio working with renowned Afro beat producer WizzyPro, putting finishing touches to his first Single .
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