Every nation blessed with a strong multi ethnic background mostly can't escape pockets of disunity and crises here and their,

But the manner of disunity in the country today bring the genuinity of the current leadership of this country to the table of doubt.

Nigerians, in the bid toward achieving the desired nation of our dreams, prayed and worked towards having a purpose driven and ambitious head of state  but unfortunately we were blessed with an ambitious head of herds,

Who primary play a strong game of sentimentality in favour of his colleagues in herds and cattle rearing section as against the official oath and national interests

Buhari is a national disaster, a corporate tyrant hiding under the structure of democratic dispensation to oppress and delivered a game of vengeful act.

He lack a conscious control of his home,even though he is very much concerned about the public impression of him being presumed a purified personality.

He has created an unbreakable record of leadership disaster, who successfully ruins the hope and dream of the current and  future generations of this country..

He beings tears into the  eyes of the strong and breaks into pieces the heart of the emotional with his sentimentality and wrong adminstrative policy decisions.

May this generation finds a pace to retrace their the navigation that can  aid the direction into the Nigeria of our dream.

Nigeria is presently burning from all angle due to Buhari's incompetence, nepotism, and tribalism.

God bless Nigeria.

TM Kazeem Tanimu.
Initiator 7th Republic

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