United Nations - Polac Foundation Appoints Founder/CEO of AJ Global As International Peace Advocate


Sustaining and promoting peace has always been a major function of the United Nations. This is boldly captured under its Sustainable Development Goals. As a matter of fact, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions is the 16th goal of the SDGs. In one of its statements, the UN boldly stated; “We cannot hope for sustainable development without peace, stability, human rights and effective governance based on the rule of law”. In order to achieve this goal, the United Nations constantly reckons with individuals, groups, and organizations of decent ethical manner and whom promote Peace and Justice in their daily lives. They do this by identifying and awarding outstanding personalities as peace ambassadors every year, and the UN – POLAC foundation has been consistent with recognizing and honoring notable personalities whose service or activities have helped in promoting regional and global peace, sustainable development and collective prosperity.

POLAC (Positive Livelihood Award Centre) as a non-profit organization over the years, have contributed to peace and security by promoting collaborations among individuals and groups, through culture and education. They have also enhanced the position of family heads through recognition as peace advocates for proper family upbringing, and most amazingly defended human rights and restored dignity to persons. POLAC is an adaptation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme.

This year, the award event took place at Nigerian National Merit Award House, Maitama, Abuja, on the 10th of December 2020 to mark the 72nd celebration of human rights day, appointment and presentation of certificates to the International Peace Advocates with the theme; “Recover Better: Stand up for Human Rights”. In line with the theme, the United Nations urges that we continue to stand up for Human Rights together by pursuing Peace, Justice and Unity as we develop and progress in Humanity.


The event which held a handful of honorable trustees in attendance was set to induct and award Founder/CEO of AJ Global (www.ajglobalv.com) Ngoka Aloysius Ebuka amongst others as International Peace Advocates for the United Nations for his outstanding pursuant of peace and justice in his business community and environment at large.

In his capacity as an International Peace Advocate, Founder/CEO of Aj Global (www.ajglobalv.com) Ngoka Aloysius Ebuka will continually promote peace and justice, and give orientation favoring compromise to avoid and manage conflict in his organization and community, and also promote the power of solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world.

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