“Significant Downturn In Nigeria Entertainment Industry Caused By Covid 19 Pandemic” - Mr UEA

The year 2020 has witnessed some major downturns, which greatly affected the "Global Economy". Also, one big loser this year is the "Music and Entertainment Industry", which has witnessed a significant decrease in demand due to the "Coronavirus Outbreak". Before the global crisis, these two sectors used to be the biggest employers of labor in the country but the reverse is the case today. 

Speaking with "Augustine Emeka Ugbaja", also known as "Dr Whyte", CEO of California based "Southnice Records" and "03 Ten Autos & wraps", He gave a full breakdown of his take on the crisis and its effect on the industry, stating that before the global economy meltdown, Nigerians, home and abroad were already tired of listening to "substandard songs", they now crave good music with creative contents and direction, which means that, despite the crisis; the quality of contents released by these creatives were the major reason the crisis affected the entertainment space. "Mr UEA '' went further to say that good music needs no visa to travel overseas or become a commercial accepted hit.

When asked on what the Solutions to these problems would be in order to restore the Nigerian music business back to its original state?; he responded that most Nigerian artistes need good orientation and mental training in order to become grounded creatively in their distinctive entertainment space. Some of our artists today spend too much time on "Temporary Trends", instead of focusing on how to become a global brand, by improving their songwriting and singing skills.

Dr Whyte also went further to state that despite being based in California, his passion and love for Nigeria and music business is still burning strong and this is why he intends to run a free workshop/ music web seminar for Upcoming artistes and managers. This would help restructure the music business and reposition the Nigerian music to its global spot. His major motivation for the training being that most artists today have the mindset that they just need one song to become a global brand without working to become a household name which requires consistency in sound and hits which will help them win and keep fans all over the world.

Written By; @Drwhyteofficial

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