Nnamdi Kanu: Refrain From Further Media War And Verbal Attacks Against Yorubas

Every IPOB members and all Biafrans in general including IPOB supporters especially here on Nairaland, on behalf of the supreme command of IPOB, His Excellency Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. (The Lion King of Biafra), you're ordered to seize forthwith any kind of attacks and abuse against the people of Oduduwa or Yorubas. This is coming from Our supreme leader Nnamdi Kanu on his today's broadcast. According to him, he had a meeting with a high powered delegation from Oduduwa people and a concrete agreement had been reached for them to work together as a people with IPOB. From now anyone seen going against this order by abusing any Oduduwa person especially here on Nairaland will be regarded as the enemy of Biafra project, this is because in IPOB we're guided by chain of command and control and we obey the last order. We can not shy away from the fact that some Fulani supporters of APC having gotten this information will flood some social medias like Nairaland with the mission to instigate provocations between the Oduduwa and Biafra, but our intelligence has always overpowered their nomadic sense and therefore we will identify them and match them head-on. I want to also use this opportunity to call on all Oduduwa to see this development beyond Nairaland fun of exchanging words against the other. remember, both Biafra and Oduduwa has one parasite burgin on our freedom and well being as a people and the Fulanis always enjoy the verbal confrontations between the two entities. Finally, the zoo has fallen. 

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