Lokoja Abuja road has become a hotbed of kidnappings in the last 1 month.Fast becoming like the Kaduna road

2 daya ago passengers on a mass transit (Ekeson) travelling from Lagos to Abuja were kidnapped and taken to the bush

It appears this has been happening for some time now to travellers on that road.but a quick search of the internet for the last 2 days show not 1 news outlet has covered this.news on lokoja Abuja kidnappings in 2020 are quite few.Less than 3 despite repeated occurences. A lot of Families are in despair but no publicity, no statement ,no National response, non on the matter.They just pay the ransoms quietly while those who cannot pay loose their loved ones to death or slavery

In our time the slave era has begun all over again while we all watch quietly.I am an advocate for not publicizing the evil works of mad men so as not to give them the publicity they need but this is different.

The quiet around these crimes takes away the pressure from them.It gives them time to cause havoc before a full scale response is instituted by the right quaters.It allows other Nigerians who would have taken precautions fall victim

Lastly from jos to kabba,coommunity members that have reported or arrested kidnappers and handed them to the police have had large scale reprisals against their communities.So the imperative is not o the communities to report

We all know the first 24hrs after a kidnapping are the golden hrs but the apparatus of State will say they are not informed. And in Nigeria it appears it does not matter till an alarming number have been affected.This is not right.

Where do people report kidnappings to.Whats the number of the antikidnapping team to alert them for that road.Before a physical visit to the station.What is the National response.Why is no curfew declared.Why can these kidnappers rumoured to be foreign elements operate with such impunity unhindered.Why is everyone quiet.

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