"Blood Will Stain Our Vehicle" FRSC Official Decays Helping Mishap Casualty

A Government Street Security Commission official Linda Ngwu has supposedly declined rendering help to a mishap casualty along Creations Enugu street, on the reason that her blood will recolor their official watch vehicle positioned along the street. 

As per the story shared by an onlooker, the official close by others, denied taking the previously draining and passing on mishap casualty to the medical clinic and when stood up to by a decent energetic Nigerian, said they have just reached a tricycle administrator to come and pass on the casualty to the emergency clinic. 

As indicated by the source: 

"I meet a mishap scene today ( 20/07/2020 along Creations Nsukka street to Enugu,) just to discover that the mishap happened like 40minutesearlier before we arrived and there was a perishing woman being left beyond words the principle street, I thought she was at that point dead deciding from the manner in which she was set. 

I descended and amazingly the woman was all the while breathing and moving gradually, soliciting one from the street security officials that was there (#Ngwu #Linda by name) why they ain't taking care of her or any of the casualties that appeared to be basic, her reaction was that they have required a Keke sanction for over 30minutes however the Keke is yet to come, in the mean time they the street wellbeing officials showed up there on a spotless vehicle well alright and prepared 

Given by the state Government, I asked her for what valid reason they ain't utilizing there own vehicle and she said her blood will recolor the vehicle. 

It was later about another 30minutes after much argue that I got frantic and drew out my telephone and began making recordings with some other Devoted Nigerians who participate with me on the battle, the top of the Street security officials group on observing the telephone recordings requested that they do the needful. 

The equivalent #Ngwu #Linda declined contacting her, saying that we ought to do the conveying, by what means can a kindred person treat a withering lady in such way, basically on the grounds that she can't support her self, she was simply breading. The staying four individuals from the street security officials who are available there was occupied with pressing the baggage of the casualties looking through what their sacks contains leaving the draining lady out and about heedlessly. 

It was as a responses of the bystander folks there that made the street security officials to surge her to the clinic 

I truly got distraught in the Nigeria framework, for one of the officials strongly revealing to me that they has rules directing them, I asked which decide is that that u can't assist a withering one with rushing her to the medical clinic as a street wellbeing specialist. 

I supplicate that she will endure it and give God his magnificence 

Gracious ruler do support her"

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