Ten Most Mysterious Places On Earth

#10: McMurdo Dry Valleys

Located in Victoria land, Antarctica, the McMurdo Dry Valleys possess a snow-free landscape due to the low humidity and mountains which block the flow of ice from glaciers.

One of the coldest places on Earth, McMurdo Dry Valleys are considered to be one of the world's most extreme deserts. Incredibly, it's the first place visited by human beings that is completely without any active microbial life. But what's most mysterious about it is that many experts believe that the valleys are very similar to the conditions that are on Mars.

#9: Monolith of Uluru
A place considered sacred by a local aboriginal tribe, the Uluru is a mysterious landmark in the southern part of Northern Territory in central Australia.

The Uluru is considered an inselberg, or island mountain, in that it's a giant mass of sandstone climbing over 348 meters into the sky but is somehow surrounded by flat lowlands in every direction. Those flying over the monolith are treated to a view of a colossal rock that appears to be sinking into the earth.

Given the terrain, it's very odd that such a mountainous formation formed, and no one knows how it got there or who put it there.

#8: Mount Roraima
Considered to be one of the Earth's oldest geological formations, Mount Roraima is definitely not your typical mountain as, instead of rising up to a peak that points at the sky, Roraima rises almost straight up a huge flat plateau over 400 meters off the ground.

Situated on the triple border point of Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela, the most mysterious thing about this area isn't the odd plateau. It's actually the amount of odd life that exists there, including flora and fauna, much of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

#7: Mount Sanqingshan
Located in Jiangxi Province in China, this mountain is known by many as the Garden of the Gods and is considered sacred in Taoism, an ancient Chinese religion.

The area is famous for the many natural, oddly shaped granite pillars that stand there, as well as its large number of different plant and animal species, as well as the mists which linger about it for around 200 days each year.

The oddest and most unexplainable part of this mountain is the magical calming it seems to bring people who visit it, seemingly without explanation.

#6: Spotted Lake
Located in the Similkameen Valley in British Columbia, Canada, Spotted Lake has been regarded as a sacred site for centuries by the First Nations of the Okanagan Valley.

The lake often looks less like a single body of water, but instead a number of large puddles, each one a different shade than the last. Due to the unique chemical compounds each spot is made up of, Spotted Lake is considered a place where numerous illnesses as well as conditions can be cured by simply bathing in the right puddle, something that to this day scientists have yet to explain.

#5: Lake Natron
Lake Natron in Tanzania, Africa, has a depth of only three meters, but that shallow water is a pool that you do not want to swim in. Due to the surrounding bedrock's makeup, the lake is basically an alkaline brine. It can surpass a pH of 12 and burns away at any creature that isn't adapted to it.

Many of the creatures that lose their lives in Lake Natron become blackened statues of what they once were, their preserved corpses frozen in lifelike positions, as if they were killed and turned into stone in an instant.

#4: Skinwalker Ranch
Named after the witches from the Navajo lore, Skinwalker Ranch is located outside of Ballard, Utah, and has been the site of numerous supernatural events dating back over 50 years.

Poltergeists, UFOs, glowing orbs, demonic creatures, and even Bigfoot has been encountered there. And that's only naming some. Authors investigating the ranch for a book claim that they had evidence of over 100 supernatural events there, including disappearances, mutilations, and even encounters with creatures that bullets failed to harm.

3: Superstition Mountains

Situated to the east of Phoenix, Arizona, the Superstition Mountains get their name from the various dangers and supernatural elements encountered by those who brave them, including unsettling sounds and something that makes people disappear.

Legend has it that hidden within the rock is the Lost Dutchman's Mine, a trove of gold.

Every year, four to five hikers either die or go missing while exploring the Superstition Mountains, many of them looking for a treasure but finding a terrible fate instead.

#2: The Moguicheng Desert
Located in the Xinjiang region in China, the Moguicheng is a part of the Gobi Desert and is full of beautiful mounds of sand and stone that resemble ancient strongholds and creatures. But with that beauty comes unsettling mystery, as it's not the visual wonders that the area's known for.

It's actually the sounds often heard while wandering through it. Visitors have reported hearing light bells and soft guitar on nice days, while storms bring with it darker sounds like screams, crying, and the angry roars of a demonic creature.

#1 The Bermuda Triangle
Often referred to by its more sinister moniker, the Devil's Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle is a three-sided zone in the western Atlantic Ocean, within which a number of people, ships, and aircraft have disappeared without a trace.

The three points of the invisible triangle are at Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the island of Bermuda. Potential explanations have been offered for the truly mysterious disappearances, including paranormal activity and extraterrestrial encounters
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