Market Women Run On Seeing Muscular Footballer Chichi Igbo, Scream 'Holy Ghost Fire!'

Ex Super Falcons star player, Chichi Igbo was shocked at what happened at the market in Abuja.

She went with her sister to buy tubers of yam, a woman selling yam on sighting her fled, screaming 'blood of Jesus!', 'Holy Ghost Fire!'.

Chichi Igbo shared the video of her experience and captioned it:

"I’m speechless, I mean crawl back into your caves if you don’t want to be civilized. It was like something from a nollywood movie straight. So my sis was pricing yam and immediately I walked to her, this lady she was negotiating price with just breezed off, screaming “blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire”! Another lady now decided to sell for us but wouldn’t collect money after we agreed on a price, then noticed this older lady screaming in their dialect, “don’t collect that money oo and the rest of the ladies speaking same dialect joined in and I’m there like, Where ami�?"

What could have made the yam seller run? Was it due to how muscular and manly she is or what?


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