Attitudes That Cheapen You

This is an age that has people making more efforts with the outward image of themselves, but ATTITUDE is actually what gives the ‘final definition’ to one’s image.

The worst thing that can happen to anybody is when supposed friends stop ‘listening’….because they have repeatedly sent ‘handouts’ your way but your lamentations just won’t stop.
Don’t ever let yourself feel so comfortable living off people…when you are not incapacitated. They will get tired of ‘bothering’ someday. When anybody gives you a ‘lifeline’…run with it. And establish yourself thereof. It’s a mistake to assume they will always ‘give’ you. People have their own worries too.

Again, when you are known for ‘always asking’…it diminishes the importance that people attach to your circumstances.

It’s very hard to turn down someone who rarely comes to you for anything. When such a person does, you want to go out of your way to do it for them because you know the situation must have been serious for them to even ‘bother’ you.

Most people that ‘ask’ often don’t have it in them to ‘give’. ‘Collecting’ comes more naturally to them. They don’t even know when they are in a better situation than whoever they deem to be more ‘well-off’.

Sometimes, challenge yourself to do the giving.

The mentality of ‘obtaining’ from others.
I am talking about people who feel entitled to ‘keep the change’.

This (to me) is a terrible attitude!

If you do transactions with people…please give back their ‘balance’ and let them decide if or not to let you ‘keep the change’. It doesn’t matter how ‘rich’ you think the fellow is. A dishonest attribute manifests itself even in the smallest of settings.

I am also referring to people who bother to ‘help’ ONLY when there is something (in it) for them…they just MUST benefit from any setting – before lifting a finger.

A lot of the favours that come to people are actually borne out of past selfless deeds.

Don’t always seek immediate gratification with people. What’s to come may be a lot more beneficial!

Although, this is an era of ‘easy access’ to intellectual properties… it is most cheapening to let yourself take credit for an intellectual work that didn’t come from you. I am talking about the ‘copy and paste’ culture (without giving credit to the rightful sources) that now abounds, (especially on the social media). If it’s beneath you to recognise the efforts of others…then, don’t touch their work! It’s so bad that even when stuffs get to some people, they edit out the source and gladly ‘lap’ up every compliment that results from such efforts. This can only come from a cheap mind. To people who are ‘aware’…you don’t even know that you are making a fool of yourself without realising it, because most of them already know where you are coming from…even if they choose to keep quiet.
When you don’t have boundaries.
…from inappropriate sexual entanglements to frittering what’s entrusted to you.

I call this set of people ’if the price is right’.

Truly, if the price is right…anybody and anything is on offer with them.

The cheapest of humans is that person who lacks integrity!

A life that doesn’t observe ‘no-go areas’ (based on…conscience, principles, values, etc) isn’t to be trusted. The easiest way to tell your (likely) fate in the hands of anybody is from what he/she does to others. A disposition of ‘anything goes’ is what defines a cheap person. With them – forget about loyalty…you are only but a season!

An honorable person observes a ‘code of silence’ on intimate issues. As he/she understands that ‘intimate’ stuffs are simply meant to stay that way…INTIMATE.

If you ever ‘kiss and tell’…you are just cheap!

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