About The High-rate Of Sexual Immoralities In The Church

It is no longer new and surprising when we hear about the exposed sexcapade of a pastor and a member of his church, or about the choirmaster who impregnated the sister who is a member of the choir. It's now a 'common thing' when young church-goers engage in casual sex in their rooms and come to church in shining clothes on Sundays, flaunting their energetic dancing steps, and even speaking/blasting in tongues. And this is not even all about the young ones alone. Even some elders and older deaconess and leaders knows what they do in secret when no one is watching.

You know, few days ago after praying to God for messages, one of the things I was shown was about immorality in the church. Do you know it's now so bad that some folks are indulging in these sinful acts right inside the church building itself?

This article is meant to serve various purposes. We will see some reasons for this menace, as well as some solutions. If you are an unbeliever who is being discouraged to go to church because of the disgusting acts of some Christian folks, you will see reasons why these things are so, and why you shouldn't allow the waywardness of some brethren to hinder you from meeting the Lord Jesus. If you are already part of a local church, and you are one of the chaste Christians around, I trust the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see how you can play a role in eradicating immorality from the church. Let's get down to business.

The Criteria For Being A Member Of The Church Has Changed (The Ancient Church Vs The Modern Church)

Why was there not a high-rate of immortality in the ancient church? In the churches that were pastored by the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, why weren't there numerous cases of raunchy and disgusting sexual relations between members of the church? The answer is simple: Majority of the ancient Church-goers first became genuine Christians before joining the church. So, the ancient church wasn't infested with an intriguing rate of immortality because it was filled with Christians who were genuinely born-again.

However, things are different today. I tell youths every now and then that many of them are in the church today simply because they were born into Christian homes, or they don't want to be the only ones at home on Sundays. In clearer sentences, many so-called Christians today are yet to be born-again. They are yet to genuinely give their lives to Jesus Christ, and are yet to make the choice to forsake the lifestyle of the sinful flesh. Since they haven't passed through the spiritual process that will help kill the sinful desires of their flesh, they can't but act as unbelievers, right in the church. When they are made youth leaders or choirmasters or whatever, they can't but go on exhibiting the works of the flesh in their departments, staining the reputation of the church in the process.

Being genuinely born-again is a necessity to align with God and His will. It entails giving one's life to Jesus Christ and making Him Lord and Savior of one's life. When you make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, it means you have embraced His finished works on the Cross that cleansed your sins away, and you have agreed to make Him your Master. That is, anything He asked you to do, you do them. Anything He asked you not to do, you don't do them. And since He has asked us to flee sexual immoralities and other forms of sinful activities, you are to run away from them (He will give you the Holy Spirit to help do His will - if you are determined in the first place)

So, if you are in the preaching arm of the church (either a pastor, or the Bible Study Cord, or a Sunday School teacher, etc) always retain it at heart that there are a lot of unbelievers in your congregation, and so you shouldn't hesitate to preach messages of Salvation every now and then. Although the normal thing is to preach Salvation messages in the streets while evangelising, and to preach 'matured messages' in the church, we can't but deal with the basics to these unbelievers parading themselves as Christians in our churches.

The Church Keeps Derailing From Holiness-rich Messages That Makes People Heaven-conscious

I have no problem with 'niche ministries' (as I also have mine). When I say 'niche ministries', I mean a ministry that focuses on maybe prosperity messages, or healing, or marriage, etc. The problem is that we are not making these messages holiness-based (yes, there are ways you will preach prosperity messages, and people will be encouraged to live holier lifestyles in their quest for wealth)

Today, many of our churches pay too much attention to messages of "walking in the supernatural", "speaking in tongues", etc, and many of their members no longer retain the required consciousness of holiness in their day-to-day activities. Seriously, humans forget things easily, as our flesh is weak and fragile. And so, we need to be constantly reminded about the need to live holy lifestyles and to be heaven-conscious.

We Are In The End Time

Let's be realistic. The only things some churches focus on is holiness and righteous living. Still, we still see folks that are corrupted with sexual immoralities. Why is this so? Simply because, we are in the end time...

"....that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves....unholy...lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

So, don't be surprised seeing a lot of sexual immoral persons today. It's already prophesied and it can't but come to pass. It only means the coming of Jesus Christ is very near, and you should make yourself ready to be rapturable. If you are yet to give your life to Jesus Christ, please do so now, and you will become fulfilled in God.

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